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SIOP Lesson Planning cheatsheets

SIOP Lesson Plan Templates

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The SIOP Model through Pearson provides four SIOP lesson plan templates. 

Lesson Plan Template 1: Designed for teachers very familiar with the SIOP Model and who like using a checklist reminder of the SIOP features Download Lesson_Plan_template1

Lesson Plan Template 2: Outline format with each of the eight SIOP categories, providing a daily reminder of the effective instructional elements to include in lessons Download Lesson_Plan_template2

Lesson Plan Template 3: Organized around the SIOP categories and includes examples of student activities; format also offers space to record the time spent on different lesson components  Download Lesson_Plan_template3

Lesson Plan Template 4: Format with extended space to record content and language objectives, meaningful activities, and review and assessment activities Download Lesson_Plan_template4